Sainte Chapelle group exhibition/work
Exhibitions, Italy, Oristano, 23 November 2013
Sainte Chapelle
group exhibition/work
23-30 November 2013

a project of
Federico Cozzucoli

critical text edited by
Simona Campus

Agorà Multimediale near Torre Aragonese - Ghilarza (OR)

Saturday, November 23 at 18
increase / modification work and new work to music video live
Saturday, November 30 at 18

The Review of Contemporary Art "Gesto Segno Disegno" , Saturday, November 9 at 18 , at Agorà Multimediale of Ghilarza presents the work called " Sainte Chapelle ."

From September 1 the artist Federico Cozzucoli has made available his work entitled "Sainte Chapelle", synthesis and geometric Representative (in the form of: Stained glass window gothic digitized and video) of the social policy after September 11, 2001, asking work together to formulate more works by a workshop online the settlement of which is downloaded from the website

The initial work has been exposed to MEM Media Mediterranean Cagliari at the 9th edition of the Day of Contemporary Art organized by AMACI Association of Museums of Contemporary Art, now past the show in Donori the show arrivede in Ghilarza, with new modified and increased by the workshop participants:
Monica Scidurlo , Alessandro Pili , Fabiana Collotto , Tiziana Befani , Sara Montani , Simona Sarti, Matthew Campulla , Violeta Vollmer , Rossana Piras , Francesca hours , Antonella Albani , Alexander Severin , Angela Impagliazzo , Marco Tullio Dental , Serena Damiani , Artekreativa , Gisella Pasquali , Huda Takriti , Elisa Sassera , Annalisa Parisii , Maria Cecilia Bossi , Emanuela Melis , Giovanna Madau , Maura Argiolas , Alfonso Lentini , Lidia Scaravaglio , Massimo Caria, Rozita Fogelman , TAD [ Tech + Art + Design] , Alessandra Loi , Ina Mindiuz , Sonja Benskin Mesher, Maria Cassatas Tufano, Fiuto, Domenico Severino, Roberto Scala, Fabio Speciale, Gloria Keller, Patrizia Nicolini, Daniela Spoto, Chicco Sabbatella, Gianni Polinas, Paolo Viterbini, Ellen G., Giulia Ripandelli... The list will be updated online in real time.

Saturday, November 23 at 18 will be presented the work was an installation consisting of a digital work entitled "Vetrata" and the related work in progess "Vetrata 2" result of the contributions of the workshop , in addition to video " Sainte Chapelle " .

Saturday, November 30 at 18 will be shown the changes and the increases of the "Vetrata 2" and the video "Pandora" with new contributions, compared to the version submitted to the MEM 19 October and 16 November at Donori also the result of the workshop online. The video will be live soundtrack by Davide Mocci.

The project is implemented in collaboration with the MEM Digital Library of Mediterranean in Cagliari and Gallerati Gallery of Rome, under the patronage of the Municipality of Cagliari Department of Culture, the City of Donori , the City of Ghilarza , the Province of Oristano.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a critical essay by Simona Campus , which emphasizes : "The artistic process begins with the pictures processed by Cozzucoli in the years following the events of 11 September and made R03;R03;virtually in the form of glass gothic images that call to reflect on fragile equilibrium of our planet, sometimes dramatically precarious , as yet in these days of tension. In the universal secular chapel of the world wide web, all the reflections can be accepted : new images, the contribution of other intelligences and talents, will determine modifications, alterations , contamination. Adopting the relational method , Cozzucoli intends to recover the social dimension of art and at the same time deal with some crucial contemporary aesthetics , its authorship and enjoyment . "

Forms and instructions for participation in the workshop online :

video spots:

facebook "Gesto Segno Disegno" :


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Gesto Segno Disegno
7 years ago
Grazie a te per il contributo artistico!
Gisella Pasquali
7 years ago
Complimenti per l' Evento !

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