In June 2012, Adrian Chavez Regnier finishes his degree in Visual Arts at the National School of Sculpture, Painting
and Engraving "La Esmeralda". He is founder and director of social intervention through artistic activation program
for children, 'Personae', selected in 2012 within the 2011 Arts Education Program of the National Institute of Fine
Arts. In August 2013, from among 4000 portfolios, he was awarded the Jóvenes Creadores by FONCA, of
CONACULTA, for his experimental video project H.U.I.D.A.S. In December 2013, he was one of the 8 portfolios
selected among the 2000 Cisnero Fontanales Art Foundation received for its 2014 Grants and Comission Program,
with the project C. – Multiple Interpretation of the Stellar Order.
He has numerous group exhibitions, including A Possible World?, Happiness is a warm sponge (and cold), both by
Guillermo Santamarina; and 19 or so lungs, by MUCA ROMA. His work has been internationally selected in the
Adobe Design Achievement Awards; in Spain -in massive experimental video installation Pantalla Global , by the
Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona-, Uruguay -in the V and VI International Animation Festival of Uruguay
and Montevideo in 2011 and 2012 - and Italy, in International Video Festival Magmart, VIII Edition.
His video work has been selected and awarded in more than 50 international film, video art and experimental
animation festivals. For two consecutive years, Adrián won the Experimental category in KINOKI International Film
Festival - 2012 and 2013 editions. In September 2012, he won first place among more than 400 works, in
international video festival Pantalla Global at the Museum of San Telmo (San Sebastian, Spain) in the framework of
the 60th Film Festival in San Sebastian. In November 2012, he won the first national place in the X National
Experimental Video Contest, by the government of Baja California. In December 2013, he won first place in
VideoBabel, the international video art contest, by the government of Peru.
His work is in the permanent collection and archives of museums such as the Architecture and Design Museum in
Mexico, as well as the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Italy, as result of winning Magmart VIII’s edition
amongst over 500 works from 350 artists and 47 countries.