Rich Sister Poor Sister,

Rich Sister Poor Sister,

This photo was taken of a real life event a person searching for a drink from beer bottles that were left from the previous night. It reflects that everything we do in society is seen like we are the fish in a bowl. As she smoked a cigarette the shape of a fish appeared in the glass.There are two ends to society and they are poles apart, but both have to make big decisions. The bigger the decision the further apart the poles get. In todays society the decision that are made we are getting further apart everyday, so far apart that some go to another reality.

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2 years ago
5537 Artist
Pretty good!
2 years ago
robolotion Artist
Stirring social study. Good luck with the contest!
Matteo Lucente
2 years ago
Great job, David!
John O sullivan
2 years ago
It really shows the poverty in society. Excellent photo!!!
francesca furin
2 years ago

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