Independent curator and writer based in London. Üstek is curator of Art Night 2017 London, working in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London and Unlimited Productions. Also currently, she is Art Fund Curator at fig-2, editor of the publication that commemorates the visual arts programme of 50 projects in 50 weeks at ICA, London; editor of Gestalt, an artist monograph on FOS. Ustek is on the Block Universe Advisory Board, AWITA founding member, and an alumni of ICI, New York. She is member of AICA UK and regular contributor to international art magazines and catalogues. Ustek acted as associate curator for the 10th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea; has curated an opera in five acts at DRAF, London; an exhibition trilogy entitled Now Expanded that took place at Kunstfabrik, Berlin; Tent, Rotterdam and DRAF, London among various group shows in Europe, Far East and Turkey. Üstek is founding editor of Nowiswere Contemporary Art Magazine (with Veronika Hauer) actively worked between 2008-2012; is the editor of Unexpected Encounters Situations of Contemporary Art and Architecture (Turkish Only, 2012; English Only, upcoming) published by Zorlu Centre, Istanbul; is author of Book of Confusions, 2012, published by Rossi&Rossi, London.