Gean Moreno is based in Miami. He has curated various exhibitions as an independent curator. He has also contributed essays to a number of exhibition catalogues and books. He is Contributing Editor of Art Papers magazine. Since December 2008 he is Founder and Director [NAME] Publications, Miami, USA. Between June 2002 to December 2007 he was Director of Programming, Locust Projects, Miami. Organized exhibitions with numerous artists, including Mark Leckey, Eric Wesley, Phil Collins, Alex Bag, Oliver Payne/Nick Relph, Laura Parnes and Nathan Carter. Gean has curated Lugares de Transito as invited regional curator, Tabacalera, Madrid, 2012; Vanishing Points, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, 2011; Drawn and Quartered, World Class Boxing, Miami, 2010; Contemporary Miami Artists: Creating a Scene Freedom Tower and Art Center/South Florida, Miami, 2007; If Water Crystal, Crystal Water, Ingalls & Associates, Miami, 2007; Don’t Torture the Rotten Ducklings (organized with Nicholas Frank) Inova, Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee, 2007; Conditions of Display Moore Space, Miami and Locust Projects, Miami, 2007; Advancing Specifically To Get Lost World Class Boxing, Miami, 2006; Constant Disturbance Spanish Cultural Center, Miami, 2006; The Hills Have Eyes, Ingalls & Associates, Miami, 2005; Lumpen Decadents, Ingalls & Associates, Miami, 2004; Semina and Graffitti Composition, Lemon Sky Projects and Editions, Miami, 2004; The Longest Winter, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fl, 2002.