Giulia Barone was born in Bari in 1988, a city where she currently lives and works. She has completed artistic studies, she has graduated and specialized in decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari. She is teacher of art history in a Secondary School and since 2013 she has been expert of decoration and design disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.
She has deepened her studies as a designer and illustrator and collaborates with illustrated scientific journals from the international medical field. She is involved in numerous collective exhibitions on national and international level.
In her career as a hyperrealist designer, after several studies and researches alongside a trial phase, she came to the delineation of the expression of the human structure through the decomposition of the figure and the study of circular forms intertwined in emotional and visual impact stories. Of conceptual nature, her work ranges from drawing to watercolor, from painting to photography, using different media and techniques, from paper to iron and wood.