Born in Perugia (ITA) where he lives and works as a freelancer (designer and designer).

Initiated to the artistic passion of the Master Prof. Antonio Ranocchia (sculptor and painter, his teacher at the time of the school "Arunte Volumnio" in Perugia), he has undergone the charm of the study of materials and painting.

Technical studies and professional activity in the field of design and architecture, have accompanied the artistic path dedicated to painting and design, aimed at the search for beauty, shapes, matter and light.

Experimenting freely with techniques and creative approach, he deepened his artistic passion by giving color and materials a specific interpretative meaning.

The research path followed lays the foundations for a huge expressive potential given in fact by the physics of the materials, their chemistry and by the set of transitions of the densities and concentrations of colors, entrusting the perceived refractive frequencies with the task of suggesting an emotion.
The experimentation of expressive techniques combined with different materials and supports, with such an almost infinite alphabet, allows to free a personal language, aimed at giving body to the research.

Galaxy, Cosmos, Nebula
In the works of these series, the moments described anticipate and reproduce, phenomena and representations that in some part of the universe are intuible,