Davide Lazzarini has been born the 10 June 1970 to Rimini, where it lives and it works.

Autodidact. He living by working as a laborer in a variety of companies, dealing with wood, iron, plastics and paints, which allowed him to discover his innate versatility to these elements. It is from these bases start to experiment and create his first works.

Conceive, experiment, develop differently, not only with the mind, hands and eyes but also plays with the strength of emotions. Shows the evolution of objects in addition to their real function, broadens the perspective by focusing on shapes and colors. Several elements, different materials and everyday objects, which have already lived their life or better... lived with him. Rather than impose a form of art, his research shows us the possible contexts in which to identify it...
A mind volcanic, perfectionist, instinctive, no basis in art, so pure and innocent as a child who discovers a new world, all to edit and re-read his own way.