Olivia Boa, young painter been born in 1981 in Yvelines in France, was very early attracted to the world of the art, in particular painting.
She begins her formation from the age of 10 years, with the painter Yves Armani who taught her all the bases. From the age of her 14 years, Olivia pursues her work and her researches in painting in a self-taught way.
In 1998, Olivia decides to release himself from conventional structures of the academic painting, by turning on the abstract art.
In 2011, she works the concept of "generations" in art, namely to paint a subject on various energy perceptions. For example of a landscape, Olivia Boa is going to draw it all the energy yin and to transmit it on a work, while realizing simultaneously another work of the same landscape but in an energy yang, so forming a linen couple representing the same landscape and being entitled: the first generation.
A second generation, collected in rectilinear geometrical structures comes to add there. And the completely abstracted third. Three generations representing the same subject declined under various energy structures.
Next to her painter's job, Olivia Boa is also a therapist, and it is in 2012 that the artist proposes us a subtle mixture of her work in therapy allied to the abstract art.
So Olivia Boa declines us a whole pallet of feelings, sensations, observations makes in consultation and retranscribes it in the form of colors, of movement, of textures and of forms on a painting.
The project of a French/English bilingual catalog of 48 pages in luxury collection is in progress to be able to describe a part of its work which she will call: " psychological Works " And especially to promote the artist at the international level.