I refuse to accept that way of life is monotonous and boring. All depends on attitude. Everyday life is full of curiosities that I have become. Eccentricity it is the axis of my creativity. Perhaps art which I’m creating is not very modern, because I’m not talking about the problems of these days, cruelty, intolerance and injustice, but I deliberately choose such a strategy. I think that the modern individual is already himself immersed in different problems and there is no need to remind it for him. Everybody always everywhere talking with each others how it is all wrong and bad.

I strive to create images such that they are at their strangeness for a moment to distract the viewer from his own thoughts / problems, raise questions for himself and give some unexplained feelings. In my paintings I paint realistic objects, using a lot of the narrative, but my created histories does not have a specific end, because I want to leave space for the viewers interpretation. The strangeness of my paintings comes from produced situations or playing unusual perspectives. All the considerations arise from careful observation of everyday life, I don’t like to rush.