My CV.
15/09/1935 born Jacques Banne Father Alsatian and mother Berber AT Biskra Algeria
a former French overseas departments (Departement Francais d'outre mer)
Tumultuous childhood - with great terror and fear,
we must not forget that the eve of the Second World War and the Jews have served as a buffer - between the Muslim population and the gente "Europeene" Catholic settlers , and they and we were French - Having the same root.
1950 end of primary studies with a certificate - ridiculous - that opened for me my superior complementary school, courses and study ...
1953-1956 Ecole des Arts et Metiers Artistic Promotion.
1956 first visit to Israel and Installation.
1956 - 1960 private study in Israel "Ulpane" Companion in the studio of sculptor Simon Mr. Bruno.
one year lived as a visitor,or foreigner in a Kibbuts - illusion of a life based on social justice etc.
1961-1965 TAU Tel Aviv University. French Culture, Art History
1966-1968 TAU ditto
3/31/1969 Mary Miss Monique Gross Antwerp Belgium.
1970 - 1986 member based non-governmental association that helps necessiteus all Faith "The TeT"
1987 member of the organization to help children without families and unattached - autotchone orphans or emigrants. I think I'm still a member without being active.
1988-1995 Worked without particular occupation
1995-\ 6 \ 7 \ Help to emigrants from the Soviet Union and
Ethiopian devoid of all good material and 60% without trade or profession.
1998 Member of Israel Artist Association Plastic = IAAP1999 -
2011 Active in the International movement "Vision" Public Action for Peace between the belligerents in several countries including Israel and Palestine. Sworn by the IAAP International Association = Plastic Artists of UNESCO
2011 Founder Iartexpo2012 Association unregistered NGO whose motto is "Art Bridge for PEACE"
recognised in 2015 by ESA of the UN as an NGO organization
2012 Exhibition of works of ten artists in the port of Jaffa Hangar.
2013 ... no particular activity
2014 Named "Peace Maker" by organizing my peace., Org
Peace Ambassador by the international Peace organisaion Peace Bomb.
2015 URGC Ambassador
Exhibit and shows:
1988 Antwerpen sculptures and wood sculptures
2000 Hod Hasharon Sculpture
2001 Hod Hasharon Miniatures Sculpture