Lucia Minunno is an art historian (University of Florence), teacher and curator. She teaches art history at the School of Photography Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy. She is also Major Professor at the SACI Schoo of Art and external collaborator of the Italian publisher, Mondadori. In 2016 Lucia curates, Skin, 5th edition Visible White Photo Prize. From 2000 to 2004 she worked as curator at the Palazzo delle Papesse – Centro Arte Contemporanea di Siena. As part of the team organising exhibitions, Lucia worked for the site-specific exhibitions of contemporary art, the chiantigiana Tuscia Electa (2006). Since 2004, she has written art historical educational and artistic texts. She is author of essays and monographs on the history of modern and ancient art (monographs on Lucca and Florence for the publishers Electa-Mondadori for the great art cities series published by the newspaper "Il Sole 24 ore", 2007; cataloguess of drawings and sculptures by the sculptor Medardo Rosso, Opus Books 1993; essays and catalogues on the artistic culture of the twentieth century Tuscany; texts for Marco Fagioli's brief history of Impressionism, Aiòn 2008; etc. But most of all contemporary essays published in the catalogues of various exhibitions: The republics of art / Germany: the construction of an image, Siena, 2001; Sumptuous, Prato, 2002; La montagna disincantata, Aosta, 2003. On Air: video broadcasts from Italy, Monfalcone, 2004; Richard Wilson, Siena, 2004.