Bachelor on Contemporary History of Arts Univerity degli Studi Milan,Italy. I did 12 art university exams, so it's like I have a Master on Contemporary History of Arts ('cause students make at least 5-6 exams on History of Arts).
My thesis has been of an italian painter who showed his art works during two exhibition of Novecento Italiano, (Rel.Dott.A.Negri, Cor.Dott.G.Zanchetti).I've travelled so hard expecially in Europe and U.S.A (From Hermitage Museum to Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,U.S.A). Specific art interess on Conceptual Art, Informal Art, Industrial Archeology, Futurisme, Novecento Italiano, italian Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.
I have been for several years Art Curator for a public place-pub , pta Ticinese (downtown of Milan).I write critical art reviwes for several art sites. I wrote several art catologs. I'm written since 2004 critical art for one man show or collective shows.