The White Noise Gallery, Rome, was founded in 2014 by Eleonora Aloise and Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti. The gallery’s name derives from the physical phenomenon of white noise and suggests its main goal: to capture and develop all the frequencies which can be heard in the world of contemporary art. The history of thought is founded as much on Rousseau as on Hobbes; music on Bach as much as on Joy Division and the same is true for art. The gallery has no intention of being characterized for promoting one approach over another or for sponsoring any single artistic current; nor will it be jumping on popular bandwagons. Our declared aim is to send out a signal representing the status of art through the work of diverse artists who are able to best interpret the impulses of their time. Our aim in founding the gallery is to guarantee our clients and supporters a totally unbiased, blank-canvass approach to art in order to develop and expand the contemporary artistic thinking of tomorrow.