Exhibitions, Switzerland, Bezirk Zuerich, Zürich, 19 August 2019
The biggest art exhibition for upcoming artists in Europe with 400'000 visitors! See all details on


Prize calls, Switzerland, Bezirk Zuerich, Zürich, 15 August 2019
As promised, the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 1.0 will be one of the largest art projects in our series, as it will take place in our hometown Zurich. From August 15th to 19th, 2019 the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich...Read all


Prize calls, Switzerland, Bezirk Zuerich, Zürich, 16 March 2019
Do you have any ideas? ARTBOX.TALENT has a new competition (without registration fees or similar) where you can win an exhibition wall at SWISSARTEXPO. All details on the website! https://www.artbo...Read all