Eric Dunlap is co-director of Forward Motion Theater founded in 1995 with media artist Holly Daggers. The company's is to explore the combination of movement and technology through live performance and digital media. FMT has created choreoworks that incorporate lasers, fiber optic costumes, electroluminescent lighting and live-mix video, incorporating themes of cloning, cyborgs, the mating rituals of Martian plant life, a futuristic human garden, and a bondage fairy tale. Using structured improvisation and formalized composition for each work to generate a specialized vocabulary of movement to relay these ideas.

Eric spent his formative years touring nationally and internationally as a principle dancer with the Alwin Nikolais / Murray Louis Dance Company. Currently dancing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, he has worked with various companies in New York.

Eric is also curator of multi-disciplinary performance through FMT's EyeWash, an exhibition series featuring VJs and video artists working in collaboration with audio and movement artists. Through Eyewash, FMT has presented over 150 artists in the past six years.